Tim Martens


Bocconi University

Via Roentgen, 1 | 20136, Milan | Italy

Email: Tim.Martens@unibocconi.it

Academic Appointments

2021 - Present: Assistant Professor in Accounting at Bocconi University

2019 - 2021: Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Accounting at City, University of London

Research Visits

2022: University of Washington, Seattle

2019: Columbia University, New York City

2017 - 2018: Tilburg University, Tilburg


2014 - 2019: PhD Student in Accounting at University of Mannheim and Goethe University Frankfurt

2012 - 2014: Master Student in Economics at University of Amsterdam

2009 - 2012: Bachelor Student in Economics at University of Mannheim and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Exchange)


Martens, T. (2021). The disclosure function of the US patent system: evidence from the PTDL program and extreme snowfall. Review of Accounting Studies, 1-28, Paper, Video

Martens, T., & Sextroh, C. J. (2021). Analyst coverage overlaps and interfirm information spillovers. Journal of Accounting Research, 59(4), 1425-1480, Paper

Working Papers / Work in Progress

Capital Market Feedback and Corporate Innovation (Working Paper), with Christoph Sextroh and Mustafa Ahçi, Paper

Mobile Communication and Information Flows (Work in Progress), with Christoph Sextroh

Disclosures and Firm Cooperation (Work in Progress), with Carol Seregni


University of Washington 2022

Bocconi University 2021

HEC Paris 2020

LMU 2018

University of Exeter 2018

European Meeting of the Econometric Society 2018

European Accounting Association Annual Congress 2018

Tilburg Accounting Mini Conference 2017

European Accounting Association Doctoral Colloquium in Accounting 2017

Spring Meeting of Young Economists 2017

Refereeing Activity

Review of Accounting Studies

European Accounting Review

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting

Journal of Business Economics

Accounting and Business Research


Bocconi University

Managerial Accounting (Bachelor), Lecturer, Fall 2021

City, University of London

Management Accounting (Bachelor), Lecturer, Fall 2019, 2020

Strategic Cost Management (Master), Lecturer, Fall 2019, 2020

University of Mannheim

Introduction to Financial Accounting (Bachelor), TA, Fall 2018

Cost Accounting (Bachelor), TA, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017

Goethe University Frankfurt

Financial Instruments and Financial Institutions: Financial Analysis (Master), TA, Fall 2014

Economic Consequences of Accounting (Master), TA, Fall 2014

Accounting for M&A (Master), TA, Spring 2014

Teaching Qualifications

University Teaching Certificate Baden-Württemberg I

Advisory Board

TFH Holland Group B.V.


Cass Pump Priming, 2020

Julius-Paul-Stiegler-Gedächtnis-Stipendium, 2019

Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg, 2017